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Project number n. 2020-1-ES01-KA204081956

Interactive map of cultural and creative enterprises in Europe

Being a Female Entrepreneur is a project aimed at the Cultural and Creative Industries sector and the promotion of Female Entrepreneurship.

In the first period of the project we are in the process of developing the Interactive map of cultural and creative enterprises in Europe. It will be an educational platform with inputs on law, rules and a good practice database for cultural businesses inside the EU.

Interactive map will offer women easy access and browsing resources in a single site, it will contribute to empower them, especially in the case of women from disadvantaged environments and their knowledge on cultural and creative industries (nationals as well as from the EU), in an autonomous and self-directed manner. This will also provide a vision of the potential in this sector and relevant examples of good practice to guide them in their new professional careers.

Intellectual result 1 is coordinated by DomSpain (P2) and supported by CBE (P5).
  • Interactive map of cultural and creative enterprises in Europe: creating an online educational platform with laws, rules and good practice database for cultural businesses inside the EU
  • ICT tool for (cultural) business evaluation
  • Social Skill Self Evaluation Tool
  • Online course addressed to women: aspiring or new cultural businesswomen
One more current activity which we are currently working on is design and development of the project website. Responsible partner for this activity is also DomSpain (P2) supported by CBE (P5). Our partners already started with preparing of the website, together with a web designer and the contributions of each partner. The website will be developed in English and all partners’ languages.  

The project website will be created containing all the key project data, news and achievements. P2 will create an open platform including all the products and results of the project. Also, they will elaborate forms and shared documents for partners to add their contributions (translation of all sections in the languages of the partners, attractive design, features and visuals…). There will be sections about:
  • The partner organizations
  • An interactive map of creative and cultural businesses in Europe
  • A ICT tool to evaluate (cultural) business competences
  • A self-evaluation social skill tool
  • An online course for businesswomen
All sections will be available online for all concerned parts, easy to access and in an easy to use format.
All project partners actively participate in all project online meetings. Last meeting was successfully held on the 30th of June 2021. and it was a great occasion for all the partners, to present their work and achievements. The meeting's main aim was to present all the Intellectual results of the project which we are working on now, Intellectual result 1 and Intellectual result 2, as well as the activities ahead of project partners. More specifically, the whole result 1 and 2 was discussed in detail.
The next transnational project meeting is planned for September 2021.
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