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Project number n. 2020-1-ES01-KA204081956


The final phase of the ICT tool for (cultural) business evaluation was exterior pilot testing and its modification and improvement. 

More exact, the last activity of second result (ICT Tool for (Cultural) Business Evaluation) was to collect 10 women entrepreneurs per partner to evaluate and test the tool. Not only were the contents evaluated, but the technical and design aspects, as well. 10 representative aspirants or new businesswomen from each partner organisation tested the tool and filled out a feedback questionnaire / evaluation form.

In the next few months, FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR project partnership will spend time working on the development of the Social Skill Self-Evaluation Tool.

This tool has two initiatives:
  • First, it will allow women entrepreneurs to diagnose and identify their own social skills (as well as those missing) which they need to be competent cultural businesswomen
  • Second, this tool will be self-evaluation and a personalized approach of its structure and design.
Thanks to the easy and attractive virtual environment of the tool, anyone can access it from anywhere and make the evaluation process at their own path.

In the long term, the self-evaluation tool is expected to increase the sense of initiative and leadership in women, make them more involved in their own learning process in their lives and contribute to improving their digital and entrepreneurship skills, creating greater capacity to establish and manage a business in creative and cultural industries.
  • Women from disadvantaged environments (who live in rural areas, with economical difficulties, long term unemployed women) interested in becoming businesswomen
  • Internal and external experts and professionals of partner organisations.
Transnational meetings are organized in order to allow all attendees to express themselves in a way that is not possible through virtual meetings such as body language and facial expression. 

Accordingly on 28th - 29th of April 2022 the 3 rd Transnational Meeting was held in Suceava, Romania, as part of the project „Female Entrepreneur“. The meeting host was Institutul Bucovina and it was a great opportunity to meet in person the associate members of partner organizations and to present all the activities that were previously implemented, together with the next activities.

The two-day meeting began with a presentation led by the Lead Partner, Camara de Comercio Italiana para España, and the success of the project implementation and project activities were discussed and commented on. The first day of the meeting was also dedicated to reporting, and elaboration of intellectual results and future activities, such as: the first next online meeting in June, and the fourth transnational meeting to be held in mid-September in Zadar. In the evening, representatives of all partner organizations were guests on local television, thus presenting the project to the public.
The second day of the meeting was dedicated to all the project partners, to express opinions on their achievements and contributions according to the project.

Next online project meeting will be held on the 10 of June 2022.
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