Module 1: Women Entrepreneurs in the Cultural and Creative Sectors 

Q 1: Please choose which of the following statements is true: 

Q 2: Which of the following, does not constitute a subsector of the CCS in Europe? 

Q 3: Please choose the statement that best completes the following phrase: „when establishing and running a business, women face challenges like...:

Module 2: Being a Leader

Q4: What is NOT the characteristic of a great leader?

Q5: What is NOT ability of effective leader?

Q6: Fill the sentence: __________gives employee the ability to come up with unique solutions to challenges instead of simply being told what to do!

Module 3: Creating a Strategic Action Plan

Q7: What DOES NOT make a Strategic Action Plan successful?

Q8: Which two options are differences between a Mission and a Vision Statement? (2 answers)

Q9: Which of the following questions you should ask yourself while reviewing your Strategic Action Plan?

Module 4: Challenges and Opportunities – SWOT Analysis

Q10: One of the first challenges you may encounter when starting a business is to take the first step. Which of the following can help you to do this?

Q11: What does SWOT stand for?

Q12: Business opportunities are the factors that are external to the company and provide a positive perspective for the company to take profitable action and boost its business. How can you find good opportunities?

Module 5: Marketing and Communication

Q13: Which element is not included in the 4Ps of Marketing?

Q14: Which element represents a means of mass communication?

Q15: E-mail and catalog marketing are a form of:

Module 6: Financial Analysis

Q16: What is a good way to start a budget?

Q17: What is one key element of the Bucket strategy approach? 

Q18: Select the right different types of loans (more than one correct answer):

Module 7: How to face unexpected situations

Q19: Which of the following techniques considers the division of the stages of a solution until the minimum steps are reached?

Q20: Fill the sentence. In case of disruptions and to avoid the downfall of a company, it is crucial to seek out ___________________. .

Q21: Fill the sentence. __________ tend to talk about their problems, they want to go back to the origins of the situation and settle things in depth.